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Eiropas Mūzikas Forums

Uzmanību, LVIIMSA biedri, īpašs piedāvājums tieši Jums!

No 11 līdz 14. jūnijam Rīgā pirmo reizi norisināsies Eiropas forums mūzikā (5th European Forum on Music), kurš notiks sadarbībā ar Latvijas mūzikas padomi.
Foruma galvenā tēma: Access to Music is Digital? – kā jaunās tehnoloģijas atvieglo darbu kultūras iestādēs, kā uzlabot piekļuvi kultūrai un kā palīdzēt palielināt cilvēku interesi par mūziku, izpētot mijiedarbību starp digitālo pasauli un dzīvi “reālajā” telpā.

Dalībniekiem no Latvijas – īpaša cena – 40 EUR (citiem - Dalība forumā maksā no 130-190€)

Rīkojamies šādi:
pie "Registration Fee", izvēlēties "Other".
Teksta laukā ierakstīt: "Latvian Delegate 2015"
Tiem tiks nosūtīts rēķins par 40 EUR.
Konferences valoda – angļu.

Nākamās Eiropas Mūzikas Padomes ikgadējās konferences nosaukums ir: Access to Music is Digital? tas pētīs, kā jaunās tehnoloģijas atvieglo darbu kultūras iestādēs, kā uzlabot piekļuvi kultūrai un kā palīdzēt palielināt cilvēku interesi par mūziku, izpētot mijiedarbību starp digitālo pasauli un dzīvi “reālajā” telpā.

2014. gadā Eiropas forums mūzikā norisinājās Bernē (Šveicē). 3 dienu forums norisināsies Latvijas mūzikas akadēmijā. Reģistrēties forumam vēl var līdz 28. maijam:

Latvijas mūzikas padome ir Starptautiskās Mūzikas padomes reģionālā organizācija, kura radīta, lai veicinātu Latvijas mūzikas kultūras starptautisko publicitāti. Forums ir iespēja veidot un nostiprināt Latvijas mūzikas kultūras pārstāvju radošos kontaktus ar Eiropas un citu valstu mūziķiem un mūzikas dzīves organizētājiem.

Eiropas mūzikas padome:

Thursday, 11 June 2015
18:00 – 18:15

18:15 -  23:00

·                     EMC
·                     LNMC
·                     Riga Town Council/Riga 2014
Evening with Latvian traditional music and dance
(Students from Latvian Music Academy Ethnomusicology department)

Small Guild,
The Grand Hall
Friday, 12 June 2015
8:30 – 9:15

9:15 – 9:30




11:30 -12:00



13:45 – 15:00

15:00 – 15:15

15:15 – 16:45

16:45 – 17:00

17:00 - 18:15

18:15–  18:45
19: 00 – 20:00

21:00 – 24:00


Musical Welcome – JVLMA Saxophone Quartet- Edgars Trapans S Sax. Katrīna Kivleniece A. Sax Gundars Kokins T. Sax Viesturs Celms B. Sax

Welcome by
·                     Ian Smith (Chairman of EMC)
·                     Artis Simanis (Rector of JVLMA)
·                     Indra Rise (Chair of LNMP and  Latvian Composers Union)

Keynote Speech1 – Minister of Culture Dace Melbarde

Panel Discussion  
Music and the Digital: The Roles, the Rules, the Vision
Günther Oettinger, EU Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society; XXXXX at the Latvian National Commission for UNESCO; XXX from the crowdfunding platform PledgeMusic, Sellaband or other “success story”
Alfons Karabuda from the European Composer & Songwriter Alliance

Coffee Break

Musical Intermission- Chambermusic (JVLMA students--winners of Chambermusic  competition Madara Liepiņa- violin,Daumants Liepiņš- piano)

Session: Audience Development, the Digital World and Europe
This session will look at projects that are in place at European level and how they use digital tools to help making music more widely accessible. The presentations of two projects will be followed by a plenary discussion.Opera Europa Digital Platform is a partnership between Opera Europa, representing 155 opera companies and festivals; the cultural broadcasting channel ARTE; and 15 carefully selected theatres from across Europe. It is supported by the EC’s Creative Europe programme and by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). It welcomes contributions from all those committed to sharing opera with a wider public. Scheduled to run from February 2014 to January 2017, Europeana Sounds is a project co-funded by the European Commission and the Europeana Sounds consortium, for a total budget of €6.14m (€4.91m EU contribution).  The activities of the project are organised in seven thematic work packages: aggregation, enrichment & participation, licensing guidelines, channels development, technical infrastructure, dissemination & networking, project management & sustainability. Europeana Sounds project presented by Zane Grosa from Latvian National Library Audiovisual department


Musical Intermisssion (JVLMA Choir)

Session in parallel:
Music Education Trends and Developments
A session on recent developments and current trends in music education presented by the joint working group on music education of the European Association of Music in Schools, the European Association of Conservatoires and the European Music School Union./

Coffee Break

Power Session on New Business Models, Phenomena and Ideas /
This session is a series of short presentations of recent developments in the musical sector. Possible presentations include: classic music in the field of video games, crowdfunding models enabling a regular income for artists, business models building networks and bringing musicians and live music venues together, etc.
Introducing the EMC Staff Exchange Programme  
A session where the music placement scheme that took place between national music councils will be presented. Participants will talk about their experience and give feedback to the EMC staff. The session is also designed as an informative meeting for organisations interested in taking part in future exchanges as the scheme will be extended to the other EMC member categories.

Transport to Latvian National Library
Concert  LNL 11th floor hall –Ensemble  Art-i-Shock

Jazz evening in the club „Hamlets"
Latvian Music Academy,
Entrance Hall
Grand Hall

LMA Cofee shop”Pusbalsī”

Grand Hall

Grand Hall

LMA Cofee shop

Organ Hall

Organ Hall/Room No.205

LMA Cofee shop”Pusbalsi”

Organ Hall/

Room No.205

Tram No.5
Latvian National Library
11th floor
Jāņa sēta 5,Old Town

Saturday, 13 June





10:45 -11:15

11:15 – 11:30










Busses to Cesis


Welcome by  Jānis Rozenbergs, Mayor of Cēsis; Inese Zagorska, Artistic Director of Concert Hall „Cesis”
Musical  Welcome -Presentation and demonstration of the newly built Violoncello by Betchet&Konig for the 1st International Festival „Cello Cesis”,  cello solo-Nicolas Altstaedt (Germany)

Keynote Speach: Speaking in One Voice: The Next Steps for European Agenda for Music

Coffee Break

Musical Intermission - 7 Synths (Kaspars Tobis (music), Artis Dzerve (Video),Anita Intaite(voice).

Panel Discussion  
Urban, Rural and Digital Spaces: the Role of Concert Venues Today
This session will ask what the new role of physical cultural institutions, such as the Vidzeme concert hall or the new forum for Music in Wroclaw, Poland is, since technology has considerably affected the way music is being accessed. Are concert halls still a purely regional institutions, or is reaching out to far away audiences a must have? Is there possibly even a responsibility to reach to European audiences when cultural institutions are being built with financial support from EU structural funds? Featured panellists: Inese Zagorska, artistic director of Vidzeme concert Hall, Andrzej Kosendiak, Director of the Forum for Music Wroclaw and…


Musical Intermission – Premiere of the work by Anastasiya Kadisha
(Guntars Freibergs -percussion)
Session in parallel:
Encouraging Musical Inclusion and Equality through Digital Technology
Session presented by the EMC Youth CommitteeThe youth committee session will focus on how technology can be used to help people with mental or physical disabilities getting involved in musical activities.Music organisation and charity Drake Music Scotland will deliver an interactive presentation in partnership with The Skoog that is focused on how young people can overcome disability to learn and perform all genres of music alongside their able bodied peers through new technology. Markku Kaikkonen and Kaarle Uusitalo from the special music center resonaari will talk about their work with Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät, who take part in the Eurovision Grand Prix 2015.

Project Showcase
This session offers EMC members and their affiliates the possibility to share their experience, good practices, projects and papers with other members. The presented papers and projects are being called for and selected by the EMC Board and Secretariat prior to the forum.

Coffee Break

The Sounds of Technology  -
Session presented by NAMM
This session will present an overview of how technology has changed the world of musical instruments. From turntablism to homerecording to 8-Bit artists, delegates will learn about recent trends in the world of music making, new categories of musical instruments and how they affect musical aesthetics.

Information Session: new EMC cooperation Project.

Opening concert of the 1st International festival „Cello Cesis” – Latvian National  Symphony Orchestra, condutor Janis Liepins, solo-Nicolas Altstaedt (Germany)

“Medieval feast” with music and dance in  Cesis Medieval Castle Gardens.

Busses to Riga
Vidzeme concert hall „Cēsis”

Grand Hall

Grand Hall

Grand Hall

Cafe Popular,
Vienības laukums 1

Small Hall

Chamber Hall

Small Hall

Small Hall

Small Hall

Grand Hall

Cesis medieval Castle gardens

Sunday, 14 June



14:00 – 15:00

Registration for EMC Annual Meeting

Musical Welcome – Children vocal studio „Knipas un knauki”(3 and 4 years old children)
EMC Annual Meeting
Snack Lunch and Departure

City Tour (optional)
JVLMA  Chamber Hall

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