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Konference Serbijā

Informācija par konferenci Serbijā. Līdz 30.06. var iesūtīt sava referāta pietikumu. Vairāk info angļu valodā www.pedagoskiforum.info.

We would like to invite you to our 20th Pedagogical Forum of Performing Arts, at the Rectorate building University of Arts Belgrade, Serbia (September 29th, 30th, October 1st 2017). Pedagogical Forum of Performing Arts is organized as an international interdisciplinary pedagogical-artistic-scientific meeting. This is Issues of Identity in Music Education. 

The keynote lecturer is: Dr Evangelos Himonides, FBCS CITP
Reader in Technology, Education and Music, University College London
An Evidence Based Approach to Researching Gender and Music
Possible sub-topics include:

1. Musical identity: individual/collective/national/social
2. The influence of culture and subculture on musical identity
3. Professional identity of musicians – performers, theoreticians, composers
4. Musical identity and formal and informal music education
5. Identity of musicians and non-musicians
6. How to develop identity of a successful music student?
7. The effects of origin, gender, age, family background and education on musical preferences
8. The importance of music school and contemporary teacher education in shaping national music identity
9. Influence of student-parent-teacher relationship on creating national music identity
10. Multinational/Multicultural classroom today (music education for students of minority communities, social groups and students with disabilities)
11. Historical and geographic specificity of music education

You are invited to send us your abstracts not more than 250 word, including key words (up to 5), by June 30th 2017 to the following e-mail address sfimp.udruzenje@gmail.com. Instructions for submitting the abstract are available on the website www.pedagoskiforum.info.

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